Using SEO on WordPress

SEO on WordPress
SEO on WordPress

I swore to my self that i’ll never would write anything on blogs about SEO and what to do with SEO on WordPress. That until my uncle asked for advise. So instead of just telling to Google it, i’ll write this short how-to.

Let’s get started.

First of all i would imagine that you already have a WordPress installation for your blog, site or what ever you are using the WordPress software for.

Also you need a Google-Account.

Plugins, get the whole package.

On my blog i use the plugins created by Yoast. The WordPress SEO by Yoast, helps you optimize your posts and articles for SEO.

The WordPress SEO plugin, will provide you with information on how well  your article is SEO ready.

And i use Google Analytics for WordPress plugin to track how my SEO is doing.

You can use the WordPress plug-in installer to search and find the Yoast plugins i’m using.

Getting it all to work

After the installation of the plugins. The plugins have a pretty straight forward wizard for setting up your WordPress site for SEO and Google Analytics.

This is where you will need you Google account. If you never have been using your Google account for Google Analytics og Google Webmaster tools. The Yoast plugin will guide you on to how to get these Google applications linked to you Google Account.

Also if you already have Analytics and Webmaster toolkit, Yoast and Google will help you verify your site.




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