How to find something good to watch on Netflix

Browsing through the Netflix library of movies, actually never gets you any good movies, other than the ones you already have watch.

That problem is solved, with A Good movie to Watch.

This site brings a list of good little-known movies.

One small hick-up. The list i based on movies, that are available on the US-version of Netflix. I know lot of the movies aren’t available on the danish Netflix.

A small note, if you want to catch up on watch new on the danish Netflix. Visit

Using SEO on WordPress

SEO on WordPress
SEO on WordPress

I swore to my self that i’ll never would write anything on blogs about SEO and what to do with SEO on WordPress. That until my uncle asked for advise. So instead of just telling to Google it, i’ll write this short how-to.

Let’s get started.

First of all i would imagine that you already have a WordPress installation for your blog, site or what ever you are using the WordPress software for.

Also you need a Google-Account.

Plugins, get the whole package.

On my blog i use the plugins created by Yoast. The WordPress SEO by Yoast, helps you optimize your posts and articles for SEO.

The WordPress SEO plugin, will provide you with information on how well  your article is SEO ready.

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Binaural Audio – Hear New York in real 3d

Actually didn’t know there was something called Binaural Audio. But apparently it is recording sound, as if it was your ear listing to the sounds.

Not only having two microphones for left and right channels, but also having rubberfoam-like ears infront of the microphones. Apparently it will record the sound the same way we hear the sound. Giving a much better 3D sound, then for instance Dolby 5.1.

Pick up your earphones, and watch the video below.

TedX – The only wrong you can do is not doing anything – by Geo

Why do we find it so hard to communicate with people who are seriously ill? When Geo was diagnosed with cancer he experienced in every aspect how awkward people behave when having to deal with a person who has a potentially fatal disease. How should the surroundings react? How should they communicate with a sick friend, husband or son? Geo’s talk deals with this matter through his first hand experiences with the subject.